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A must for
Another World
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The verdict is in... NBC has cancelled Another World and given Sunset Beach a six-month renewal. This news comes on the eve of AW's 35th anniversary next month. AW will wrap up taping in late May and its last airdate will be June 25. Here's the official statement from Mickey Dwyer-Dobbin,  Executive-in-Charge of Production, Procter & Gamble Productions, on Another World's cancellation:
"We have known for quite some time that NBC's decision could go either way. Although we certainly wish the outcome were different, it is sad comment on the television industry as a whole that a soap, especially one with so much history, has to be cancelled to make room for a new one. The loss of a show is a loss for the industry."
Dwyer-Dobbin continues, "We feel that we have make some great strides at Another World in a relatively short period of time and that given the opportunity, we would continue to show improvement. Since that is not to be, we will continue to produce the best possible show that we can until the last day that we air and we will celebrate our 35th anniversary on May 4 with great pride. In the meantime, we wish to thank our loyal fans, who have been very supportive of the show throughout its history."

This was such a sad moment for all Another World fans.  Losing Another World was like losing a family member.  After 35 years, the show was a daily part of your life.  Three generations of my family have been watching Another World; my Mother, myself, and  my daughter.